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Sole Agent Of Hyundai Electronics Products


HYUNMA ELECTRONICS is the sole agent and exclusive distributor of Hyundai Electronics Products in Malaysia.
Today, HYUNMA ELECTRONICS is redefining the way consumer electronics is created, enhancing our ability to lead the industry through a challenging economy.


Our Company:

HYUNMA ELECTRONICS is focused on offering innovative, feature-rich products and solutions.

Customers are demanding new alternatives and improved price to performance ratios. They want low upfront cost and the best value for their investments. With the understanding of our customer’s needs and desires, HYUNMA ELECTRONICS has developed a strategy of maintaining the lowest cost structure in the industry without compromising the quality of products.


Our Mission:

HYUNMA ELECTRONICS will constantly seek innovative ideas to improve our products and services.
Our brand name Hyundai promises to “add value to everyday life” will work towards delivering
practical products and solutions.


Our Commitment:

We foster a good relationship with our suppliers providing them with constant and reliable feedback to help them develop and achieve the highest standard products.

We listen to our customers, paying close attention to their needs. We always strive to match their requirements with our products and services, helping them succeed in their business.

We have committed half of our total strength in providing the best quality, reliability & service. We strive in every possible Way to support our customers and make them successful.


Our Objectives:

HYUNMA ELECTRONICS has an extensive customer base. We have the experience and the expertise to handle a wide range of consumer electronics and household appliance. Our experience with such varied customers has given us the opportunity to be innovative and creative. We believe in helping our customers to achieve their goals.


Our Products:

Our products are a reflection to our commitment to both supplies and customers.

We are committed to the following:

•   To market & sell the best Hyundai Electronics AV and home appliances
•   To provide the highest level of after sales service
•   To maximize our customer’s profile on investments
•   To support out customers in all aspects of electronics business, including design, market analysis
and services
We are truly your one stop electronics industry


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